“ Peloton refuses to be pinned down by genre.” “..create their own sound: a groovy space-age jazz with the simultaneously futuristic and anachronistic Moog taking a crucial role in the band's architecture of sound. What matters is also that the band not only manages to combine the different sounds into a whole but also slides convincingly between moods, thus being able to shift from the energetic groove and soaring trumpet of "Nozal" to the ethereal, low-key ballad "Munoz."

Normally, a title like Selected Recordings would be reserved for a retrospective album that gathers the best of an artist into a convenient package. This album is also a "best of" but it is of a different sort. Peloton are at the beginning stages of their career yet they're already making the sounds that define them as artists. Thus, this is an album that both looks back and ahead. If Selected Recordings is a sign of things to come then there is reason to be thrilled about the future.”

Jakob Baekgaard, All About Jazz - New York

"Selected Recordings" barely sounds like free improvisation, but like compositions with well thought-out and sensitive arrangements. Peloton do not try to extend the sedate borders, but they freely move in the tension field of the jazz of the past 50 years.”” With Peloton Petter Vågan plays the guitar. Besides, he is reserved enormously and shows an astonishing feel for atmosphere and sound variety. Also in his solo works a musician steps with him by days who searches the sounds "in his instrument.” “it is also the precise choice which makes this album so exceedingly stimulating.

Michael Freerix,  Jazzdimensions - Germany

“All five much good ones, but to hit are the nature and the audacity with which they succeed to make use to a thus wide public a opened idea, free and pregnant of improvisation. Of this collective one commonly says that they are discarding completely from the roles of accompanists and soloists, typical of the game of the roles in the jazz. And it is true. But it is also true that the innovation does not reside as well as in this, but also in the way in which the instruments often changes roles.”

Luca Vitali, All About Jazz - Italy

“Their music makes you curious for more, it’s constantly changing in expressions, the horns often running together, exciting use of instruments, everything from the lyrical to the expressive. This music is constantly changing and is this autumns jazz-surprise”.

Roald Helgheim, Dagsavisen - Norway

“This record sounds like a fresh breath in the spot between melody, free-jazz and free-improvisation, caused much by Nickelsen, who has let down the B3 in favor of the Arp, Oberheim and Moog synthesizers, and fills the music with strange chords and deep low end. The two horns also make positive impressions both together and as soloists. Guitarist Vågans guitar, also including lap steel guitar, and Nylanders drumming both contributes to giving Peloton a strong recognizable voice, making “Selected Recordings” a noteworthy debut.”

Terje Mosnes, Dagbladet - Norway

Recommended New Listening:

All About Jazz - USA

“They live up to their teamwork concept: lead shifts are frequent and brief, the pace ranging from slow and moody uphill to fast and dangerous downhill. “

Tom Hull - USA

“We’re hearing young musicians that are guaranteed to make their contribution to Norwegian jazz for many decades. With “Selected Recordings” they have already shown us that Peloton can be both a contemporary band and a band for the future.”

Tor Hammerø, TV 2 Nettavisen - Norway

“Peloton plays a kind of jazz that shows influences from many different styles. It has got some avant-garde, but without reaching the ununderstandable. You hear traces of folk music and it feels creative and fresh, and creates moods.”

Lennart Gøteson, Dala-Demokraten - Sweeden

“fascinating sounds that catches your attention.”

Jazznytt - Norway

“they're exploring a timbre I don't often hear in this sort of music. The bass is all synth too, another unusual touch. This particular track I'm featuring today is probably the biggest barn-burner on their album "Selected works" as most of their pieces tend towards the languid and spacious. It doesn't adequately demonstrate their range, but it should at least pique your interest. Personally, I'm content just listening to that drummer go off”



Laurence Donohue-Greene, Managing Editor, AllAboutJazz - New York

“… a quintet we’re looking forward to follow.”

Erik Steinskog, Bergens tidene - Norway

“The music is mainly composed by the skillful sax-player Hallvard Godal. He has been very good to combining contrasts in his pieces. The band have also managed to create a special atmosphere on this record which they could be proud of, because the result is completely different from any other music that has come thru the speakers.

Trond Eriksen, Smaalenen Avis - Norway

“It results in a product of freedom with much originality in unusual ways.

Kjell Mo, Nordlys - Norway

“This quintet knows how to catch the listeners attention”

George Politopoulos, Radiophone - Greece